Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream used to exist merely as an overpass neglected in 1970 until it was restored in 2005, becoming a haven of natural beauty amidst the bustle of city life.

Narae Bridge, expressing a butterfly in flight, and Gwanggyo Bridge, symbolizing the harmony of the past and future, are just two of the more than twenty beautiful bridges featured along the path of the stream. The ‘Rhythmic Wall Stream’, lined with fine marble, various sculptures, and Korea’s 8th stone building, Palseokdam, adorn the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Cheonggyecheon Stream offers many beautiful sights to see and enjoy:
l The grand fountain, located in Cheonggye Plaza
l Dapgyonori on the Gwangtong Bridge – a ritual of crossing the bridge on the first full moon of the new year to ensure that for one year, the one who crosses will not have any leg ailments.
l A ceramic mural of a king making a grand voyage to Hwaseong, Jeongjobanchando
l A colorful cloth wall made of fabrics from Dongdaemun’s fashion district
l A cultural wall painting by 5 local artists
l A reproduction of an area where folk woman used to do their laundry
l A wishing wall, where more than 20,000 people have written their deepest desires
l A tunnel fountain
l Jonchigyogak, an angle of intersection left behind when the Cheonggye overpass was removed
l The aquatic life dwelling among the willows


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